Special Needs and Behavior

A student’s behavior should be managed or controlled employing basic classroom management tools . When this fails, the teacher must engage with informal behavioral management tools . With the behavior still not under control, the school must put in place formal management programs .

Typical formal management programs are as follows ( names will vary from among districts and states ) :

a Functional Behavior Assessment ( FBA) is done . This is a formal assessment done by the staff and teachers as well as parents, with a detailed consideration of other educational related factors in the school file . It may include information from medical records , also . There are various names for the plan that is put in place based on the FBA , namely Behavior Improvement Plan ( BIP ) ,  Behavior Support Plan ( BSP) , Behavior Management Plan ( BMP) , among others .

Should controlling and managing the behavior continue , then an Individualized Education Plan ( IEP) may be warranted. An IEP Team , consisting of staff , teachers and parents will meet to put the plan in place . The plan is based on a psycho education evaluation, the student’s behavior history as well as other factors. This document establishes a path forward for the student to hopefully have a successful educational career. That plan is reviewed yearly for possible revisions . And , if its implementation comes up short throughout the year the parent or school can request a review and revision meeting to address the concerns.

Keep in mind that every child is entitled to a free and appropriate public education. Every child can be educated. A successful plan may call for accommodations , services and modifications. It may call for the child to be educated in a public or private school to address the child’s needs

This is not legal advice. Consult an attorney.

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