Know Your Child’s Needs

We, at Student Disabilities Advocate, Inc , always tell parents that they must know their child’s rights as well as the school’s obligations. Equally important, is the need for parents to “ KNOW THEIR CHILD “. Parents must use common sense in this regard. Look for signs that something just might need to be addressed to ensure that your child is getting the education that he or she deserves.

So , parents using common sense , you must advocate for your child. You must be the eyes and ears for your child. Is your child , or does your child appear to be , behind in their learning and academics ? Is your child’s behavior challenging ? In witnessing their social skills, do you say to yourself, there is something that is just not right ? And, does your child appear to be all over the place in their efforts to stay on task , or to complete an assignment?

If your is “ yes” or just “ maybe “ to any of these questions, then you should ask the school to have your child evaluated. This is a free service that is done at the school’s expense.

To assist in your efforts to ensure that your child is getting an appropriate education, you should consult an attorney or advocate. Representation, depending, on how the attorney structures his or her legal fees , can be at no cost to the parent. Should, the parent prevail in the pursuit of an appropriate education for their child, the school pays the legal fees.

This is not legal advice. You should consult an attorney.

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